Lowrance Hook2 4x Review: Best Fish Finder 2024

After review the Lowrance Hook2 4X is an intriguing fish finder that offers considerable value at an exceptionally reasonable price point. However, with the increasing competition from Garmin, Helix, and Humminbird, Lowrance must work diligently to remain relevant in an increasingly crowded and competitive market.

The Lowrance Hook2 4X is the lowest end of Lowrance’s revitalized Hook2 series. Nevertheless, it provides a surprising amount of value for most basic needs, although it is more suitable for certain types of fishing. It may not impress with an abundance of features and functions, which is what the Hook2 X12 is designed for, but it will provide a reliable experience in low-lying freshwater and can handle some deeper lakes.

It is important to note that the Lowrance Hook2 4X comes in two different models: one with a GPS antenna and one without. While this will not affect the Hook2 4X’s ability to detect fish, it will provide additional course tracking options.

When evaluating fish finders, the most critical factor is how well it detects fish. Although this may seem like a simple consideration, there are numerous features and qualities that ultimately influence and determine a given fish finder’s ability to detect fish. In this regard, the Lowrance Hook2 4X performs admirably for its price point, although the transducer may leave a bit to be desired for more serious fishermen.

The Display of the Lowrance Hook2 4X Fish Finder

This particular device boasts a 4-inch display that is comparable to some of the more high-end fishing aids, although it is not the largest display available on the market. The display is equipped with SolarMax technology, which proves to be useful during bright days while fishing.

The brightness settings of the display can be adjusted according to the amount of light that it receives. With a display resolution of 480 by 272 pixels, various angles can be viewed, allowing for a better view without having to stand directly over the display.

It is important to note that all angles are visible at 70 degrees, except for the bottom, which can be viewed at a 50-degree angle. The device also has a backlight, making it an ideal choice for night fishing. However, it may cause you to miss seeing your target as it may not be bright enough.


This device is considered one of the best fish finders available, as it allows for the use of a navigation system. If you purchase the Hook2 4x with GPS, it comes with a dedicated GPS plotter that can assist with your navigational needs. This feature provides accurate data on your device map, allowing you to add waypoints, follow trails, and identify the best fishing spots.

It is important to note that the navigation system can be updated to C-MAP, C-MAP Genesis, and Navionics. These upgrades allow for better visibility of the underwater surface, even without the use of sonar.

Fishing Range

When considering the purchase of a fish finder, it is important to take into account its range. A good range can save time and resources by reducing the need to move around frequently. This unit has the best range available on the market, thanks to its wide-angle sonar technology that allows for coverage beyond what traditional fish finders can provide. Additionally, the bullet skimmer transducer provides a GPS plotter that creates 2D images of the surface below your vessel, resulting in high-quality images.

Lowrance HOOK2 review Fish Finder

Lowrance Hook2 4x performance

The review of Lowrance Hook2 4x fish finder boasts a notable feature in its autotuning sonar setting, which eliminates the need for manual adjustment of the sonar. This allows users to focus solely on their fishing activities upon boarding the boat.

However, it is important to note that the sonar coverage of this device provides two distinct outcomes. While it offers a wide-angle sonar beam, the fish finder only provides a single beam. Consequently, users can observe fish within a broader range, but may not obtain precise location details of their target fish.

In comparison to traditional fish finders, this unit offers double the sonar coverage. Additionally, it provides 2D imaging that displays the fish arch and fish depth.

Lowrance Hook2 4x Sonar and Transducer

Regarding its sonar and transducer capabilities, the Lowrance Hook2 4x fish finder exclusively supports wide-angle broadband sonar and does not accommodate downscan or sidescan features. It operates solely on a single beam with a frequency of 200kHz, without support for 50kHz and 83kHz frequencies.

This device is equipped with a bullet skimmer transducer composed of plastic material. It features a transom mount with a length of 20 feet and a cable that includes an 8-pin connector. Furthermore, the unit incorporates a temperature sensor.

The wide-angle conical beam utilized by this fish finder offers a coverage of 40 degrees and a maximum depth of 500 feet.

Lowrance Hook2 4x GPS Review

The Lowrance HOOK2 4x boasts an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) that encompasses an extensive collection of over 3000 charts, encompassing maps of lakes, rivers, and coastlines across the United States. These maps have been meticulously preprogrammed, ensuring effortless accessibility with a mere touch of a few buttons. Additionally, should the desire arise to expand your map library and explore uncharted territories, upgrades are readily available.

Lowrance Hook2 4x Setup

Setting up a Lowrance Hook2 4x fish finder is a relatively straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the installation:

Step-1: Choose a Suitable Location

Select a suitable location on your boat or kayak to mount the fish finder display unit. Ensure that it is easily visible and within reach for convenient operation. Take into consideration factors such as visibility, protection from water splashes, and the availability of a clear line of sight.

Step- 2: Mounting the Display Unit

Using the provided mounting bracket, position the bracket on the selected location and mark the screw hole positions with a pencil or marker. Drill pilot holes at the marked spots, and then secure the mounting bracket using the appropriate screws or bolts, depending on your boat’s construction.

Lowrance Hook2 installation

Step- 3: Wiring Connections

Locate a convenient access point to run the wiring from the display unit to the power source and transducer. Feed the wiring through the boat’s hull or deck, ensuring a secure and watertight seal around any openings. Use cable clamps or zip ties to secure the wiring along its path, preventing any loose or dangling wires.

Step- 4: Power Connection

Connect the power cable of the Hook2 fish finder to a suitable power source on your boat. Depending on the model, it may require either a direct connection to the boat’s battery or a connection to a dedicated power supply or fuse box. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper power cable connection.

Step- 5: Transducer Installation

Choose an appropriate location on your boat’s transom to mount the transducer. Ensure it is submerged in the water when the boat is in operation, and there are no obstructions that could interfere with sonar signals. Use the provided mounting hardware to securely attach the transducer to the transom, following the instructions specific to your model.

Step- 6: Transducer Wiring

Connect the transducer cable to the back of the display unit. The cable is typically color-coded and features a plug-and-play connection for easy installation. Ensure a secure connection to avoid any water leakage or signal interference.

Step- 7: Testing and Calibration

Once the installation is complete, power on the Hook2 fish finder and verify that all connections are functioning correctly. Calibrate the settings according to the manufacturer’s instructions to optimize the sonar performance based on the water conditions.

Step- 8: Fine-Tuning and Customization

Explore the menu options on the display unit to fine-tune various settings. Such as sonar sensitivity, fish arch display, depth range, and GPS functionalities. Customize the display layout and choose any additional features that enhance your fishing experience.

Remember to refer to the specific instructions provided by Lowrance for your particular Hook2 model, as installation steps may vary slightly. Additionally, always follow safe boating practices and consult professional assistance if needed.

FAQ For Lowrance Hook2 4x Review

fish finder faq

Does the Lowrance Hook2 4x have GPS?

The Lowrance Hook2 4x does not have built-in GPS capabilities. It is a basic fish finder model designed primarily for sonar and fish-finding functionality. If you require GPS features, you may want to consider other models in the Hook2 series, which often include integrated GPS and mapping capabilities. Always check the specific product details and specifications to ensure you get the features you need for your fishing needs.

Does the Lowrance Hook2 4x show depth?

Yes, the Lowrance Hook2 4x does show depth. It is a fish finder model that provides depth information as one of its primary functions. You can use it to measure the depth of water below your boat, which is essential for fishing and navigation purposes.

Does the Lowrance Hook 2 have maps?

The Lowrance Hook2 series fish finders, including the Hook2 4x, do not typically come with built-in maps or advanced mapping features. They are primarily designed for basic sonar and fish-finding functionality. If you need mapping capabilities, you would need to consider a higher-end model in the Lowrance Hook2 series or other fish finder units that specifically include GPS and mapping features. Always check the product specifications and details to ensure the model you choose meets your mapping needs.

What is the difference between Lowrance hook and hook 2?

The Lowrance Hook and Hook 2 are both popular fish finder and chartplotter series designed for anglers, but they do have some notable differences. The primary distinction lies in their technology and features. The Hook 2 series is a more recent and advanced version compared to the original Hook series. Hook 2 models generally come with improved displays, offering better clarity and visibility even in bright sunlight. They also have more advanced sonar technology, such as TripleShot and SplitShot transducers, which provide enhanced imaging and better fish-finding capabilities. Additionally, the Hook 2 series often includes GPS and mapping features as standard, making it a more versatile choice for navigation and locating fishing spots. Overall, while both series are suitable for anglers, the Hook 2 offers a more advanced and user-friendly experience with upgraded features for a better fishing and navigation experience.

Can I connect my Lowrance to my phone?

Yes, you can connect your Lowrance device to your phone in several ways to enhance your fishing and boating experience. Lowrance offers various models with connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing you to link your fish finder or chartplotter to your smartphone. By doing so, you can take advantage of applications like the Lowrance Link app, which enables you to access features like software updates, chart downloads, and cloud data synchronization directly from your phone.

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Does Lowrance Hook2 show speed?

Yes, many models of the Lowrance Hook2 series include a built-in GPS feature that can display your current speed on the screen. This GPS functionality not only provides speed information but also allows for accurate navigation and waypoint tracking, enhancing your overall fishing and boating experience. Speed data is typically displayed in knots, miles per hour (MPH), or kilometers per hour (KPH), depending on your preference and the settings of your Lowrance Hook2 unit. It’s a valuable feature for maintaining control and safety while on the water. As well as for optimizing your fishing strategies.

Does the Hook2 4X show water temperature?

The Lowrance Hook2 4X does not have a built-in water temperature sensor or display. This particular model is a basic fish finder designed for anglers. Who want essential sonar capabilities without additional features like water temperature readings. If you require water temperature information, you may need to consider a higher-end model within the Hook2 series. Or look for other fish finder models from Lowrance or other manufacturers that include this feature. Water temperature data can be valuable for locating fish, as different species often prefer specific temperature ranges.

Does the Lowrance HOOK2 4x have a flasher mode?

The Lowrance HOOK2 4x does not have a dedicated flasher mode. The HOOK2 4x is a basic fish finder that primarily provides a traditional 2D sonar view, which displays underwater information in a graphical format. Flasher mode, on the other hand, is a specialized sonar view commonly found in more advanced fish finder units. Flasher mode displays real-time sonar data in a circular format, making it easier to track the movement of fish and the bottom structure. If you require a fish finder with a flasher mode, you may need to consider upgrading the series.

What battery do I need for a Lowrance HOOK2 4x?

To power your Lowrance HOOK2 4x fish finder, you will need a 12-volt DC battery. Specifically, a 12-volt marine battery is recommended for this device. These batteries are designed to provide a consistent and reliable power source for marine electronics like fish finders.

Is Lowrance Hook 4 waterproof?

The Lowrance Hook 4 is not fully waterproof. But it is designed to be water-resistant and can handle exposure to splashes, rain, and occasional submersion. It is built to withstand typical marine conditions and is constructed with a sealed and rugged housing to protect its internal components from moisture and the elements.

Conclusion: Lowrance Hook2 4x Fishfinder Review

In conclusion, the lowrance hook2 4x review fish finders have proven to be a reliable and efficient companion for anglers of all levels. With their user-friendly interface, advanced sonar technology, GPS navigation capabilities, durability, and affordability, the Hook2 series offers a compelling package that enhances the fishing experience. The intuitive design and easy-to-navigate menus make operating the Hook2 fish finders a breeze. Allowing both seasoned anglers and beginners to quickly grasp the device’s functionalities. The high-resolution displays provide clear and detailed images, ensuring you can interpret the information on the screen accurately.

The Hook2 fish finders excel in their sonar capabilities. Offering a range of options such as Broadband, DownScan Imaging, and SideScan Imaging. These features enable you to locate fish, identify underwater structures, and cover more area efficiently. The Autotuning sonar technology further enhances the performance by automatically adjusting settings based on water conditions. Eliminating the need for manual adjustments. With built-in GPS functionality, the Hook2 series allows you to navigate with ease. You can mark waypoints, create routes, and accurately track your position. Making it convenient for returning to productive fishing spots or exploring new areas. The inclusion of preloaded mapping options adds to the navigational capabilities, providing detailed maps and charts.

Durability is a key aspect of the Hook2 series, as these fish finders are built to withstand the challenging conditions encountered on the water. The rugged construction ensures they can handle exposure to water, sunlight, and other elements. What sets the Lowrance Hook2 4x fish finders apart is their affordability. Despite their budget-friendly price range, they do not compromise on quality or performance. Making them accessible to anglers with different budgets.

Lowrance Hook2 4x Review: Best Fish Finder 2024

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