Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv Review

After going through Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv review, this is now the best fish finder you can get to save the time and money. I recently purchased the Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv for my fishing adventures, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. The 4.3-inch display is crystal clear, making it easy to read even in bright sunlight. The built-in CHIRP traditional sonar and ClearVü scanning sonar provide incredibly detailed images of what’s beneath the surface, helping me locate fish and structure with precision.

Installation was a breeze, thanks to the included transducer and mounting hardware. The user interface is intuitive, and navigating through the menus is straightforward. I appreciate the Quickdraw Contours feature, which allows me to create custom maps of my favorite fishing spots with ease.

One of the standout features for me is the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. It enables me to pair the device with my smartphone and access features like ACTIVE Captain, which provides real-time data on weather, tides, and more. Plus, with the ability to wirelessly update software and maps, I can ensure that my device is always up-to-date without any hassle.

Product Information:

A Great Addition to Any Fishing or Boating Trip

Discover the Distinction with Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv

The ECHOMAP Plus 43cv comes equipped with advanced sonar features, including our cutting-edge CHIRP traditional sonar. Renowned as one of the most advanced sonar technologies accessible to anglers and boaters, CHIRP traditional sonar offers exceptional clarity in target separation and definition. By directing increased energy towards the target compared to traditional sonar, it ensures unparalleled precision. Moreover, it extends traditional sonar support to Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motors equipped with integrated transducers.

Crystal-Clear Sonar Imaging

Experience the clarity of Garmin CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar, offering nearly photographic images of the underwater environment beneath your boat. With this technology, you can distinctly discern structures, submerged objects, and fish with precision. The convenience of combining Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar into a single transducer enhances your fishing experience.

Preloaded LakeVü g3 Maps

Explore meticulously detailed freshwater maps featuring integrated Navionics data, encompassing over 17,000 U.S. lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, complete with up to 1-foot contours. With LakeVü g3 maps, gain exceptional insight into underwater terrain, enhanced by the option of Shallow Water Shading to designate minimum depths. Additionally, these maps highlight interstates, main roads, bridges, designated fishing spots, boat ramps, marinas, and campgrounds for comprehensive navigation.

Upgrade to Our Best Maps on the Water

Enhance your boating experience with LakeVü g3 Ultra freshwater maps, showcasing Garmin Elite survey lakes. Alternatively, opt for BlueChart® g3 or premium BlueChart® g3 Vision¹ coastal charts, each incorporating Navionics data, Auto Guidance² technology, and other advanced features. Expand your mapping capabilities with a single microSD™ card slot, allowing for additional map purchases and expanded memory.

Buying Guide: Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv Review

If you’re considering purchasing the Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv fishfinder/chartplotter, you’re on the right track to enhancing your fishing experience. This buying guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

ClearVü Scanning Sonar:

 The ECHOMAP Plus 43cv features ClearVü scanning sonar technology, providing you with clear, detailed images of underwater structures, fish, and terrain.

Quickdraw Contours: 

This feature allows you to create personalized maps of your favorite fishing spots with 1-foot contours, giving you detailed insight into the underwater landscape.

Built-in GPS: 

With its high-sensitivity GPS, you can accurately mark waypoints, create routes, and navigate with confidence, even in challenging conditions.

Preloaded Charts:

Comes preloaded with BlueChart g3 coastal charts, giving you access to detailed coastal mapping for the United States.

CHIRP Traditional Sonar: 

Alongside ClearVü scanning sonar, the ECHOMAP Plus 43cv includes CHIRP traditional sonar technology for exceptional target separation and clarity.

Compact Display: 

The 4.3-inch display offers crisp visuals and is easy to read in various lighting conditions, making it suitable for small boats or kayaks.

NMEA 2000 Support: 

Seamlessly integrates with other marine electronics via NMEA 2000 connectivity, allowing you to expand your system’s capabilities.

What to Consider:

Screen Size: While the compact size of the 4.3-inch display is convenient for smaller vessels, consider if it meets your visibility needs, especially if you prefer larger screens for easier viewing.


Ensure compatibility with the transducer type suitable for your fishing environment (transom mount, trolling motor mount, or thru-hull mount) to optimize sonar performance.

Chart Coverage: 

While the BlueChart g3 coastal charts are preloaded, verify if additional chart coverage is necessary for your fishing grounds, especially if you venture into offshore or international waters.

Mounting Options:

Assess your mounting preferences, whether you prefer a flush mount, gimbal mount, or swivel mount, to ensure easy installation and optimal positioning on your boat.


Determine your budget and compare prices from various retailers to find the best deal, considering any additional accessories or upgrades you may need.You can buy this amazing Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv from amazon for under $250.

Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv Installation

Are you ready to take your fishing experience to the next level with the Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv? This powerful fishfinder/chartplotter combo is packed with features to enhance your time on the water. But before you can start reaping the benefits, you’ll need to ensure a proper installation. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of installing the Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv on your boat.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before you begin the installation process, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials on hand. You’ll typically need:

  • Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv unit
  • Transducer
  • Mounting hardware (if not included)
  • Power/data cable
  • Drill and appropriate drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench or pliers
  • Marine sealant
  • Cable ties
  • Wiring connectors

Step 2: Choose a Suitable Location

Selecting the right location for mounting your Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv is crucial for optimal performance. Choose a spot that provides a clear view of the water without obstruction. Additionally, ensure there’s easy access to power and the transducer cable can reach the transom or through-hull location without excessive tension.

Step 3: Mount the Transducer

Mounting the transducer is a critical step in ensuring accurate sonar readings. Follow these general guidelines:

  • Choose a location on the transom or hull that is free from turbulence caused by the boat’s motor.
  • Use the transducer mounting bracket or adhesive to secure it in place.
  • Ensure the transducer is aligned properly and parallel to the waterline.
  • Use marine sealant to seal around the transducer to prevent water leakage.

Step 4: Install the ECHOMAP Plus 43cv Unit

Once the transducer is mounted, it’s time to install the ECHOMAP Plus 43cv unit itself. Follow these steps:

  • Choose a location for the unit that is easily accessible and provides a clear view of the screen.
  • Use the provided mounting bracket and hardware to secure the unit in place.
  • Connect the power/data cable to the back of the unit, ensuring a secure connection.
  • Route the cable to the power source, ensuring it is properly secured and protected from damage.
  • Connect the transducer cable to the back of the unit, following any specific instructions provided in the user manual.

Step 5: Connect Power and Accessories

With the unit mounted and cables connected, it’s time to power up your Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv. Follow these steps:

  • Connect the power cable to a suitable power source, such as the boat’s battery.
  • Turn on the unit and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup process.
  • If desired, connect any additional accessories, such as a GPS antenna or NMEA 2000 devices, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 6: Test and Calibrate

Once everything is connected, it’s important to test your Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv to ensure everything is functioning properly. Turn on the unit and navigate through the various menus to familiarize yourself with its features. Additionally, perform any necessary calibration procedures as outlined in the user manual to optimize performance.

Step 7: Secure and Organize Cables

Finally, take the time to secure and organize any remaining cables to prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged while on the water. Use cable ties or clamps to secure cables to the boat’s structure, keeping them neat and out of the way.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv and are ready to start exploring the depths with confidence. With its advanced sonar capabilities and intuitive interface, you’ll be able to locate fish with ease and navigate waters like a pro. So go ahead, cast off, and enjoy the ultimate fishing experience with Garmin by your side.

Conclusion (Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv Review)

In conclusion, the ECHOMAP Plus 43cv is a must-have companion for any fishing or boating enthusiast looking to take their on-water adventures to the next level. With its unparalleled sonar performance, comprehensive mapping capabilities, user-friendly interface, and versatile mounting options, this compact yet powerful device empowers you to explore with confidence and fish with precision.

Whether you’re casting lines in coastal waters, navigating inland lakes, or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise, the ECHOMAP Plus 43cv ensures you make the most of every moment on the water. Upgrade your fishing and boating experience today with Garmin’s ECHOMAP Plus 43cv—the ultimate companion for every angler and boater.

Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 43cv Review